Monday, November 21, 2011

How to know if a man loves you?

Okay, so you have the perfect life. A caring family, a rewarding job and a loving boyfriend. What more could you ask for? Most of your friends would be jealous of this perfect picture.

Just when everything is so perfect, a thought creeps into your mind. Is this for real? Does he really love me so much?

Does he love me at all? I’m I just another one? Calm down girl, there are ways in which you can find out his actual feelings for you. Interested in knowing them? Read on then and find out how to tell if a guy loves you genuinely and seriously.

Does He Remember?
Men are meant to forget things and women are meant to remind them about those things. However, there is one thing the men dare not forget, the promises they make to their girlfriend. The promise can be something as small as a call he said he’ll make or something as big as a holiday you guys will take. If he keeps on forgetting it all, it’s time you forget him. However, if he says sorry and makes it up to you really nice, let it go, he really does tend to forget. But again, if this happens too frequently, as in everyday, there is something called reading in between the lines. You need to do that as soon as possible.

Does He Take Efforts?
Does he take efforts to make you happy? Do you remember a time when he took you out for a movie that you wanted to watch really bad? Do you remember a time when you went to your favorite restaurant for dinner? If you have to think really hard, it probably isn’t a good thing. People in love, keep on doing something for each other all the time and this is the best way of knowing if a guy likes you or not. I’m not saying that these things have to be out of the box all the time. It can be something as simple as a surprise drive to your favorite ice cream parlor. It is these small things that make all the difference. If there are such times that you remember easily, he really loves seeing that smile on your face. Lucky you!

Does He Give You Space?
If a guy loves you, he is sure to give you enough space in the relationship. He will respect the fact that you need as much space as he does. He won’t question you about your emotions or won’t expect you to be with him all day long. He won’t cling to you all the time nor will he expect the same from you. He will respect the time you need as an individual, with your social circle. Also, he won’t question your actions and judgments as he will respect the decisions you make and the opinions you form. Basically, he will rationally differentiate your time, his time and the time together properly.

Does He Hear You Out?
If you tell him you have a problem or that something has been troubling you, does he listen genuinely at all? Similarly, if you both have some miss communication between you’ll, does he hear your side of the story with equal understanding? If there is a problem you have noticed in your relationship with him, does he listen calmly and talk it out properly? If you tell him you need to talk to him just because you feel so, is he tolerant with that? If yes, you are in for some good news here too.

Does He Respect You?
Does he respect you as an equally important part in the relationship? Does he respect your opinions and judgments? Does he give importance to your suggestions and to your advice? Does he stand by your side when situations demand so? If the answer to these questions is a yes, he really does love you. On the other hand, if he takes you for granted and doesn’t value your existence in the relationship, it’s time you took control and did some talking.

Does He Support You?
Does he support you when you need it? Is he someone who you can rely on for support? If there have been times when you needed that motivation and he gave it to you, you have your answer. Also, is he supportive of your dreams and aspirations as much as he is of his own? All of us have to work hard to achieve whatever we have dreamed of and it’s the love in our lives that makes those tough times pass with smiles and happiness. If he has been there through such times and supported you all the way, this is one man you are really lucky to have in your life.

Does He Believe in Your Relationship?
Apart from believing in you, he also needs to believe in the relationship you guys share together. So, how do you tell if a guy is serious about you? Well, it’s simple. Does he believe that this relationship is important to him? Does he talk about making it last forever? Does he tell you how lucky he is to be in love with you? If yes, then you don’t have to worry as he sure does love you. However, if he keeps saying he’s not sure, he may not really be that keen on making it last. The reasons for this can be genuine, but the fact is that he doesn’t have faith in the relationship.

Whoa! That was a long list indeed. But you see, to find out more about such complex emotions, there has to be something that keeps in check the minutest details, just like this list did. If you have any more doubts about his love for you, just confront him when the time is right. Ask him and he will tell you. Hope things work out for the better, always. Take Care