Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Iceland 'Blue Lagoon'

Blue lagoon - spa center that is located not far from the international airport Keflavik - it is usually visited right after and before arrival/departure, cause it is an ideal place to relax, bathe in hot water.

 The lagoon is partially natural phenomenon: a huge lake of hot water in the middle of the lava field appeared as a result of work of the geometrical power plant supplying Reykjavik with energy. In 1999 it was turned into the spa complex. Let's visit it today.

Right from the airport one may get to the complex by flybus. A ticket costs 20 euros, for additional pay one may get a towel and a bathrobe. The passage to the complex is cut off right in the plutonic rocks.

The complex itself is made in the modest but not tasteless way. It includes a shop, a cafe, the lagoon itself (reaches 200m in width and some km in length), a spa-complex, a clinic, a medical centre for psoriasis treatment.

The water in the lagoon is white but under the sun light it becomes turquoise. The temperature is 40C, the complex is open in winter and in summer.

Nearby there are steam rooms and even hot waterfalls. The best weather for visiting the lagoon is dull, because there is not cold water here to chill. According to the legend healing qualities of the Blue Lagoon were opened by one Icelandic powerman who healed his psoriasis while bathing here after a working day.