Sunday, August 14, 2011

World's longest 'water coaster' - The Mammoth

The "Mammoth" is designed like a roller coaster but instead of the traditional cart and wheels on a metal track, the vessel is a boat and the track is a water-filled giant slide.

Taking the title of the longest water slide in the world the Mammoth stretches more than half a kilometre over two acres.

Avid riders face a series of six drops from a starting height of 21metres (about seven storeys) and the best part? There's a conveyor belt to haul you to the top so you don't have to climb a single step.

The decision to build the water coaster came after the success of another slide at the same park called "The Wildebeest".

“We added Wildebeest water coaster last year and it was a runaway hit,” park president Dan Koch said. “So we asked our designers for something even bigger. It’s so huge, we’re calling it Mammoth.”

Just how fast and how long The Mammoth will last though is not yet known and will be recorded during testing in 2012.