Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stressed Squirrel

Passersby on the streets of Hamburg noticed a squirrel that got its head stuck in a sewer manhole. Captivated by a rodent’s goggled eyes and helpless screeching, he panicked and called fire department. When rescuers came, they pulled the hatch in order to free the animal, but to no avail.

When even the grease that they have put on the rodent’s neck didn’t help, firemen took some desperate measures. They shaved animal’s head and neck, greased it again and finally pulled the poor squirrel out.

It was immedieately sent to animal care center … Little chap died later that night … from a heart attack?!
Vets told the firemens that squirrel just couldn’t take all the stress and its just heart stopped. Very sad :(