Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Half Bus, Half Tank, all Awesome

Have you always wanted a tank that looked like a Volkswagen bus? We didn't either, that is of course until we saw pictures of this one. Who would have thought the combination of a 1945 Studebaker Weasel Tank and a bay window Volkswagen bus would work so well together? Currently for sale at a car dealer with California, we are left with a lot of questions about the creation of the Bus/Tank and no answers.

We do know the Tank underneath the bus is a 1945 Studebaker Weasel. Originally built to do battle in WWII, the Weasel is powered by a 70-horsepower, 196-cubic-inch, L-head inline six. The straight six can power the tank to a top speed of 35 MPH, although we imagine the nonexistent aerodynamics of the Volkswagen body might negatively impact that figure. When it was new the Weasel could float, although we can't imagine this example is anywhere near water tight over 65 years later.
Despite the fact this rusty tank conversion is a guaranteed Project Car Tank Hell situation, it gets the stamp of approval from this weekend blogger. Sure, it's basically unusable and guaranteed to destroy something (bank account, shrubbery, property values, the list goes on) but it is brilliant and has the potential for some great tracked hoonage. Who knew a bus would work so well converted into a tank?

Unfortunately the price for this inspired creation is unlisted. Any attempt at guessing what this vehicle is worth is at best a shot in the dark. What we do know is we are going to be equal parts jealous of and curious about the person who eventually forks over the cash to purchase this bizarre tracked bus.