Friday, June 10, 2011

Man charged for Planking Prank

 A planker in action
THE internet craze of "planking" has come under fire from Queensland Police, who charged a man after he was allegedly discovered lying on top of a police car in Gladstone.

Planking involves a person lying face down in, on, over or across various objects, and online communities have sprung up for plankers who want to share their plank-related antics with each other.

Facebook page Planking Australia has more than 8700 supporters and hundreds of photos of people lying on desks, train tracks, escalators, Eskies, fire hydrants, motorbikes, and other plankers.

One intrepid planker has even posted a photo of himself planking at the historical ruins of Petra, Jordan. But closer to home, one 20-year-old Gladstone man found himself in a spot of trouble when he was allegedly found indulging in the pastime on a local police car last night.

Police issued the man with a notice to appear last night on a charge of being found on police establishment without lawful excuse, and Gladstone police are not amused. Gladstone police Sergeant Matthew Russell said planking could be dangerous, and practitioners may find themselves facing criminal charges.

"While we appreciate the activity is light-hearted fun, putting yourself and others at risk and breaking the law will not be tolerated," he said. "The activity is potentially dangerous, as proponents of the movement try to out-do each other by planking on structures and in precarious positions, putting themselves and others at risk of harm."

He said those that planked on private property without permission could be charged with trespassing, and police indicated plankers might also be charged with unauthorised high risk activity if their planking was deemed to be too extreme.

Reaction on the QPS Facebook site was mixed, with some users defending the people's right to plank, and others scolding plankers for their lack of respect and their "lameness".