Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mind blowing examples of surreal photography

Surreal Photography- As the name says, surreal photography is all about unleashing your dreams, pushing the limits of your imagination, giving creativity a new meaning and bringing it out through the medium of photography.

 It is a highly interesting medium for both, the composer and the audience, where on one hand the composer (photographer), with its unique perspective gives a whole new and unique dimension to his creativity, and the audience on the other hand, enjoys and get to see a whole new creative.

Surreal photography truly pushes the limits of the medium. The surreal nature of the work can lead to some stunning compositions. In conducting research for this article I found some recurrent themes in examples of surreal photography.

Often regular looking compositions are altered, either by obscuring something (e.g.: by covering a face with cloth), or by altering conventional angles perspectives (e.g.: by photographing something from a crazy angle, or by turning the camera upside down).

In surreal photography lighting and exposures are often played with more than in conventional photography, and this can lead to ghostly forms, abstract shapes and interesting use of light shadows.

The conventions of physics are also overturned, as some photographers carefully construct the details of the photo, in order to present the impossible.