Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chinese Designer Builds Sustainable Egg House

Struggling college students could really learn a thing or two from Daihai Fei. The recent college grad discovered that rent prices in Beijing were more than he could afford. Instead of moving away from the city or becoming homeless, he decided to build his own mobile home.

Daihai Fei’s home is an shaped like an egg and is self-sustaining. A solar panel on the roof provides power for his reading lamp, and the abode is spacious enough for a small bed and bookshelf. Daihai Fei spent only $960 building his home, which he has smartly parked right across the street from his workplace.

Daihai Fei built his amazing egg-house on a bamboo frame, covered with various insulating materials, and topped with a layer of stitched bag. The bags themselves are filled with sawdust and grass seeds, which he sprays with water regularly, to help the grass grow faster. Inspired by the grass-covered roofs of Norway, he knows the grass will over greater protection for his home.