Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Secret UFO military tape released after 30 years of mystery

Thirty years ago the US Military investigated a UFO in British Woodland and now after 30 years the spooky tape recordings have been released.

The tape recordings of the US military personnel who were investigating a suspected UFO landing is released almost after 30 years. Tapes made during a midnight investigation of weird phenomena in Rendlesham Forest by serving USAF military personnel come no closer to revealing the mystery object’s origin.

It went on to become one of the world’s most famous UFO sighting’s, which has never been explained! Just after Christmas 1980, a group of airmen from Bentwaters Air base were sent to investigate strange sightings in the nearby forest. The men were led by Colonel Charles Halt, who was second in command at the base, and it is clear they thought they were witnessing some type of phenomena – with descriptions of “strange” lights in sky and odd damage to pine trees 15-18ft off the ground.

The tapes begin with a US military man noting that many of the local farm animals were behaving in a strange manner, he says: “I hear very strange sounds of farmers – barnyard animals. They’re very, very active, making a lot of noise.” He continued: “Straight ahead. There it is again. Straight ahead. What is it? A strange small red light.” “It looks maybe half a mile further ahead. Go back to the edge of the clearing, see if we can get a look at it. The animals have gone quiet now. It is deathly calm.”

He adds in hushed tones: “There is no doubt about it – it is a strange flashing red light ahead.” The airman goes on to continue: “I saw a yellow tinge in it too. Weird. It’s coming this way. It’s definitely coming this way. There is no doubt about it. This is weird!” Despite endless speculation, there has never been a definitive answer to what actually happened that bizarre night.

Theories of what had happened in Rendlesham Forest ranged from a UFO accident cover-up to beams of light which had come from a Lighthouse. However Colonel Charles Halt, who is now retired has made dramatic claims regarding the famous British UFO scare, to which he insisted on seeing a ‘bright glowing object, like an eye.’ The ex-serviceman is among a group who insist that Western Governments are covering up widespread Alien Interventions at Nuclear Sites.

The US Base at Bentwaters in Suffolk in the 1980′s was used to store Nuclear Weapons, and the retired Colonel says that his evidence is supported by sightings from other US troops at the base which was used by the American Forces. Others reported seeing ‘triangular, dark metallic objects, that vanished at high speeds’ and there were indications of depressions left in the ground where the craft had landed which also contained high radiation levels. UFO experts also believe that there is evidence that goes back 60 years of Aliens observing nuclear development.