Thursday, October 28, 2010

Knock Nevis Supertanker - Worlds biggest ship ever built

Knock Nevis Supertanker - World’s biggest ship ever built. Built by: Sumitomo Heavy Industries of Japan. To really get a sense of the size of the Knock Nevis, picture this: at over 1,500 feet in length, it’s longer than the Empire State Building is tall.

 The Nevis has been cruising the seas since 1979 under several different names, and it was actually sunk in the ’80s during the Iran-Iraq War, but the wreckage was bought, floated and rebuilt.

In terms of pure tonnage, there’s a ship heavier — France’s Batillus-class supertankers — but none longer. The Nevis is going to be scrapped this year, so consider this a send-off.